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SOS0354 Smother and Suffer - Pamela vs Ivy Blonde

Since joining the Sisterhood of Sin, beautiful busty blonde Pamela has been decimating the opposition, today her opponent is the still relatively new SOS participant, Ivy Blonde.

Pamela wastes little time placing her hand over Ivy’s mouth and smothering her, driving her to the mats and gaining top mount. Pamela places both hands over her mouth and grapevines her, but Ivy Blonde isn’t here to just lay down and take it.

She places Pamela in a camel clutch and smothers her causing the experienced beauty’s eyes to widen in shock. Pamela isn’t going to stand for it, and isn’t going to be humiliated by this novice opponent and is going to make her suffer for having the audacity to try and defeat Pamela.

Ivy Blonde manages to turn the tables, but is clearly overmatched by Pamela who uses her wrestling know-how to trap her in grapevines, scissorholds and even an over the knee backbreaker all combined with hand smothers to weaken her feisty opponent.

It’s a valiant effort from Ivy Blonde, but she is clearly outclassed as Pamela smothers her into oblivion leaving her defeated on the mats.

Ivy Blonde wears red bra and thong with shiny pantyhose

Pamela wears black bra and thong with black pantyhose

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