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SOS0356 Wild Women - Housewife vs Maid - Lara vs Lottie LaLay

Posh totty housewife, Lottie LaLay is on the telephone whilst her sultry Italian maid, Lara sweeps at the start of this Sisterhood of Sin Wild Women encounter.

Lottie admires Lara’s stunning body and beautiful features and finishes her phone call as she has an idea. She asks her new maid if she is interested in a little game and fancies a wrestle. Lara is cautious; she doesn’t want to hurt her new boss. But Lottie persuades her with a forfeit, that whoever loses has to clean the house from top to bottom.

Lottie removes Lara’s skirt and blouse revealing stockings and suspenders, thong and bra. Lottie removes the suspender belt and rolls down the stockings showing Lara’s toned legs. Lara returns the favour removing Lottie’s dress revealing her red bra and thong. They rub moisturiser over each other’s taunt bodies and begin to wrestle.

Lara gains top position but Lottie reverses it and Lara uses her long legs in a scissorhold to control the blonde beauty. The maid grabs her boss’s breasts, and traps her in scissorholds as they battle across the mat entwined in a catball.

Lottie sits on Lara’s face and slaps her tight ass, as Lara’s muffled cries can be heard beneath. Lottie camel clutches Lara and spanks her ass. They share a kiss and and start to grind against each other as their moans of pain turn into moans of pleasure.

Lottie sits on Lara’s face and spanks her ass some more, and Lara likes it. Lottie is in a dominating mood and mounts Lara and starts to grind and trib against her. Lara elicits moans of pleasure and pain as her posh boss destroys her physically and sexually. Lottie runs her hands over Lara’s pussy smiling at defeating the new hired help and leaving them spent on the mats.

Lara wears a black blouse, black mini skirt, black suspender belt and stockings before being stripped down to black bra and thong

Lottie LaLay wears a black dress and pearl necklace before stripping down to red bra and thong.

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