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SOS0358 Smother and Suffer - Lottie LaLay vs Chloe Toy

Sisterhood of Sin regular, Lottie LaLay has been steadily improving, and has relished the opportunity to demonstrate her more dominant side. Today her wish has been granted as her opponent is smaller and equally as sexy blonde SOS newcomer, Chloe Toy.

Chloe looks wary and nervous from the start as a confident Lottie pounces on her and takes her down to the mats. Immediately placing a hand over Chloe’s mouth and smothering her. Lottie is all smiles as the newcomer tries to escape but instead finds herself pinned and smothered beneath a vastly more experienced Lottie.

It’s fairly obvious that the initial onslaught has knocked the fight out of Chloe, and Lottie is now free to demonstrate her dominance and take her time in causing humiliation, pain and suffering to Ms Toy.

What follows is a completely one sided domination by Lottie, who has free reign to revel in being the dominant position. Poor Chloe is subjected to a multitude of combined wrestling holds such as scissors and camel clutches whilst being simultaneously smothered with Lottie’s hand over her mouth.

Occasionally she is treated to kisses from Lottie, but the punishment continues as Lottie remembers all the beatings she took when she started and relives them from the other side at Chloe’s expense.

Once she is bored and satisfied Lottie leaves Chloe face down on the mats, as a smiling Lottie strokes Chloe’s sexy body.

Chloe Toy wears mesh patterned bra and thong

Lottie LaLay wears a red bra and thong

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