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SOS0361 Smother and Suffer - Amirah Adara vs Ivy Rain

British busty brunette, Ivy Rain and Hungarian hottie, Amirah Adara are no strangers to each other but this is the first time the two have faced off at the Sisterhood of Sin.

These two contrasting sexy ladies look amazing as they step onto the SOS mats in their figure hugging shiny spandex swimsuits. They waste little time in locking up and Amirah overpowers Ivy and forces her against the wall and places a hand over her mouth smothering her, causing the British beauty to gasp for breath.

But Ivy isn’t going to let Amirah dominate and returns the favour giving her a taste of her own medicine. They grapple and take it down to the mats, Amirah pins Ivy down and places a hand smothers her, Ivy tries to buck her off, but the relentless smothering from Amirah is sapping her strength.

Ivy valiantly fights back, but Amirah swarms her and traps her in camel clutches with hand smothers, and smothering facesits. Ivy retaliates with some face-sitting smothers of her own, but will it be enough against the energetic Amirah Adara. One thing is for sure one of these two valiant warriors is forced to tap to a humiliating prolonged facesitting smother.

Amirah Adara wears a white and pink shiny spandex swimsuit

Ivy Rain wears a blue shiny spandex swimsuit

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