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SOS0365 Unleashed - Miss Nairobi vs Sabrina Jade

Two of the Sisterhood of Sin’s hottest new prospects face off in an instant classic SOS Unleashed encounter. Miss Nairobi and Sabrina Jade impressed in their debuts and it made sense to pit them against each other in the oil.

These two sultry beauties immediately get to grips with each other in the oil, running their hands over each other’s slippery skin. This is a sexy oil sexfight as they begin slipping and sliding over each other, pushing their oil soaked thongs together and tribbing.

Both sexy newcomers are incredibly turned on and their moans of ecstasy echo around the oil soaked tarp. Sabrina uses her incredible flexibility to split trib Nairobi who retaliates by trapping Sabrina in a surfboard and slam tribbing her from behind.

Neither of these newcomers want to lose against a fellow rookie in this Unleashed battle. The sexfight escalates with ass slapping, pussy rubbing and foot licking.

But there can only be one winner and after they have climaxed one is easy pickings as she sits atop her rubbing the loser’s oily skin.

Miss Nairobi wears a motifed orange trimmed bikini with micro thong

Sabrina Jade wears a pink thong bikini

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