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SOS0371 Wild Women - After the Club - Sativa Mist and Sabrina Jade

Sisterhood of Sin veteran, Sativa has just returned home after working at the Club, and is speaking on the phone to her friend, about how much she fancies SOS rookie, Sabrina Jade. Sativa is enthusing about how sexy Sabrina is as she drifts off.

She is dreaming about having a sexy Wild Women encounter with Sabrina. They test strength standing, and in bearhugs and with fingers locked. There moans of exertion echoing around the room. Their bodies are in constant close contact as they fall to the floor.

They roll around the mats in a tight catball, arms and legs engulfing each other. They bear hug, scissor and choke each other, locked body to body. They begin to grind against each other, pushing their pussies together in a trib battle. Their moans of pain are now mixed with moans of pleasure as they rub their pussies together until the inevitable climax.

Sativa wakes up very happy with the dream of Sabrina she’s just enjoyed, but was it a dream as laying on top of the bed sheets are Sabrina’s bra and thong.

Sativa wears a tiger stripe dress and clear gel high heels, before dreaming and wearing turquoise bra and thong

Sabrina Jade wears a pink bra and thong

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