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SOS0397 Dark and Intense - Bianca Blance takes Ivy Rain

Busty British brunette, Ivy Rain makes her Sisterhood of Sin Dark and Intense debut as she takes on the Italian Stallion hard bodies Biance Blance on the SOS oily tarp.

Both women are wearing figure hugging spandex thong swimsuits which accentuate their sexy bodies and as an added bonus are transparent due to the oil.

They circle each other and lock up, mashing their bodies together before Bianca takes Ivy down to the mats and immediately grapevining her spreading her legs wide.  Ivy tries to fight back but Bianca is much stronger and skilled.

Ivy is at Bianca’s mercy and is subjected to a dominating performace as Bianca seduces and punishes her with hand over mouth smothers, camel clutch, bodyscissors, headscissors, bearhugs and grapevines.

The British girl tries to resist but Bianca punishes her, the pain etched across Ivy’s pretty face.  Once Bianca feels she has humiliated Ivy enough she smothers her out leaving Ivy turned on, defeated and in pain in the oil.

Bianca Blance wears a white spandex thong swimsuit

Ivy Rain wears a red spandex thong swimsuit

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