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SOS0398 Unleashed - Mistrix Gigi vs Ivy Satinee

Sisterhood of Sin new recruit, Mistrix Gigi squares off against SOS veteran Ivy Satinee in this Unleashed encounter on the oil soaked tarpaulin.

They lock eager to match their sexy bodies against each other.  They are a tangle of legs and arms as they catball in the oil.  They writhe on top of each other, gliding their bodies together in the slick oil.

Ivy Satinee uses her wrestling experience to try to control the younger woman with scissors and grapevines.  Gigi knowing that Ivy is more experienced resorts to erotic tactics grinding their pussies together, tribbing and making Ivy groan in pain and pleasure.

The tribbing becomes more vigorous as their breathing quickens as the pulses of pleasure grow more intense in the oil.  Ivy very nearly succumbs to this new challenger but at the last moment escapes and they continue to battle.

Their skin glistens in the oil as this sensual battle for dominance in the oil reaches its climax.

Ivy Satinee wears a red lycra swimsuit

Mistrix Gigi wears a white lycra swimsuit

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