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SOS0405 Smother and Suffer - Brianna Olivia vs Miss Naiirobii

Two of the sexiest new Sisterhood of Sin recruits Brianna Olivia and Miss Naiirobi square off in a classic SOS Smother and Suffer encounter.

These two looking sizzling hot on the mats together, but its all Miss Naiirobi for the first half of the match as she punishes Brianna with hand over mouth smothers, breast smothers and facesitting using her size and wrestling experience to trap the sexy blonde.

Nairobi is revelling in her dominance as she makes Brianna suffer and has her completely at her mercy, but Nairobi gets overconfident and Brianna seizes the opportunity to repay her.

Now it is Nairobi who is on the receiving end as Brianna places her own hand over Nairobi’s mouth smothering her, facesitting her and breast smothering her.  Anyone who knows Nairobi knows that she can’t stand being breast smothered and Brianna is enjoying the payback.

Eventually one sexy wrestler can take no more and is smothered for the last time, but will it be Nairobi or Brianna who wins this sexy match of the new girls?

Brianna Olivia wears a blue bikini

Miss Nairobi wears a fluorescent green bikini

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