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SOS0406 Smother and Suffer - Lottie LaLay vs Amirah Adara

This is a classic blonde vs brunette Sisterhood of Sin Smother and Suffer match between British Lottie LaLay and Hungarian Amirah Adara.

Amirah wastes little time in attacking SOS sweetheart Lottie and pinning her against the wall and placing her in a hand over mouth smother.  It’s all the Hungarian at the start as she swarms Lottie and has the beautiful blonde in trouble with relentless smothering.

It looks like Amirah is going to completely dominate Lottie, but the blonde is able to gain control and now it is Amirah’s turn to be smothered and a hand place over her mouth.

It turns into a complete smothering war between these two sexy competitors as they punish each other causing their eyes to roll and their faces to redden as they struggle for breath due to the relentless smothering.

Eventually one woman can take no more and her rival ties her to a chair, straddles her and punishes her with more smothering with her hand over her mouth whilst she is trapped.

But will it be blonde Lottie or brunette Amirah who get to taste the sour flavour of defeat?

Amirah Adara wears blue bra and thong

Lottie Lalay wears a red bra and thong

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