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SOS0407 Wild Women - Wife vs Mistress - Ivy Satinee vs Alba Zevon

Two Italian busty beauties fight it out over a man in this Sisterhood of Sin Wild Women encounter featuring Alba Zevon and Ivy Satinee.

SOS veteran Ivy Satinee is sat on the sofa when there is a knock on the door and Alba enters.  Ivy isn’t impressed with what she sees and the two women argue.

It isn’t long before their verbal sparring becomes physical as they lock hands and test their strength and then pull each other’s hair.  Alba’s mini skirt rides up as they lock each other in a tight bearhug.

Blouses are undone exposing large breasts barely contained by their bras as they continue to match strength, they end up on the floor in a catball as they continue to fight.  They are physically evenly matched and the close body to body contact arouses both women.

They lock their crotches together and begin a tribbing duel their moans of pleasure and pain echoing around the room as they battle.  The friction of their pantyhose and the heat in their pussies builds to a crescendo.

But which Italian busty beauty will reign supreme will it be ebony Ivy Satinee or blonde Alba?

Alba Zevon wears a white blouse, black mini skirt and pantyhose before being stripped down to black bra and thong

Ivy Satinee wears a black blouse, red leather skirt and pantyhose before being stripped down to white bra and thong

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