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SOS0408 Smother and Suffer - Medina Williams engulfs Red Fire Squirt

It’s the Sisterhood of Sin debut of two new exciting ladies as tall Red Fire Squirt steps onto the SOS mats to take on the powerhouse Medina Williams.

One of these ladies is going to have fun and one is going to be engulfed in this Smother and Suffer encounter.

Medina WIlliams makes Red Fire Squirt looks tiny as they square off on the mats, and it certainly seems playful as both ladies get settled and acquainted for each other.  It’s immediately obvious that Medina is able to do exactly whatever she likes to Red who is easily overpowered.

Things take a more serious tone when Medina begins to place her hands over Red’s mouth, smothering her.  Red tries to get away but there is little she can do to escape the grasp of Medina.

Medina for her part takes great delight in dominating and smothering the other new girl, and smiles and gains confidence as she has her way with poor Red.

Medina Williams wears a black navy bra and thong

Red Fire Squirt wears a pink bra and thong

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