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How much does a custom video cost?


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All customs are priced individually due to the unique nature of each video

On a general note the price of your video will depend on the following factors:


  • Number of models required

  • Number of sets required

  • Level of sensuality

  • Length of clip (minimum video length - 20 minutes) 

  • Complexity of script/moves/dialogue/edit

To assist with your budgeting here is some approximate pricing - covering a lightly scripted match:


  • 20mins - 1vs1 - no kissing - from £400

  • 20mins - 1vs1 - with kissing - from £450

  • 25mins - 1vs1 - no kissing - from £475

  • 25mins - 1vs1 - with kissing - from £525

  • 30mins - 1vs1 - no kissing - from £525

  • 30mins - 1vs1 - with kissing - from £575

Examples of details that will alter the cost of your custom above the sample pricing:


  • Requiring costumes/props that we do not have in stock

  • Adding oil

  • Shooting a genre that isn’t within our usual style 

  • Adding your name into the dialogue

  • Pedicure colour request

  • Variations in rate model to model 

VIP Service

Need to see photos from the shoot immediately?

Can't wait four weeks for your edited custom to get to you?

Want a personalised message from the Sisterhood? Of course you do!

Select our VIP Service on the Booking Form and all this can be yours

  • 20 screenshots from your shoot within 24hrs

  • 30 second personalised message from your chosen Sinners

  • Edited footage in your inbox within one week

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