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​'I must say I am really impressed - to me the perfect mix of struggling, erotic and domination' SOS0114 - Dark & Intense - Kali takes her

'Thank you very much for this. I knew that this was going to be great and exactly how I envisioned! The full body pins and foot play throughout the video was excellent. I also enjoyed the aggressive rolling around at 16:56. I have absolutely no complaints and happy to be a loyal Sisterhood of Sin customer. Thanks again' Future release - Wild Women - Sativa vs Davina Carrington - custom video

First thing to say is that I thought everyone looked amazing, I know Sativa always looks great but I've never seen her in quite this shape. I thought Syren was the perfect victim, she struggled hard and only tapped when she really had to SOS0141 Sativa vs Syren - Smother Domination - custom video

The video was awesome! ! You did such a great job. I was dying to be there in person. ... I wish I was your son coming back to that SOS0042 - Mother finds Son's wrestling questionnaire - custom video 

First you were right in your email about this video to state that this would appeal to feet and leg lovers. I certainly enjoyed it and was very surprised that you were able to film it without it showing the considerable height difference between you & Whitney Morgan who is barely 5'3"..  For her height though she has good size feet although I think they are still a bit smaller than yours.  I loved how beautiful your pedicures were, also really nice colors, I have to say this is true in all the videos I've seen from you in this genre.  And it started off strong with you back to back but also sole to sole.  Later on you showed how much stronger you are than she is but you let her get on top a couple of times.  Really enjoyed this video SOS0204 Whitney Morgan and Scorpion

Thank you so much for the video. You rocked it in oil and hose. Very professionally done. If you're ever in the states and want to wrestle, you can beat me up in pantyhose anytime SOS0119 Oil Pantyhose Scissor Fight - Athena vs Scorpion - custom video

'The best erotic oil match I have seen, and I really don't remember how many I watched over the years' SOS0160 - Dark & Intense - Goddess Anat and Scorpion tangle - custom video

'This was the hottest movie I have seen in a VERY long time. Awesome. Big Thanks to the girls. It looked like they really enjoyed it and that made me enjoy it even more. Perfect. Love, love, ,love pantyhose tribbing movies.' SOS0135 Business Rivals - Wild Women with Raven Eve and Davina Carrington

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