SOS0001 - Lady Boss wants a foot massage

The Boss (Scorpion) has had a long day at the office. She wants a foot massage and she wants the office delivery boy to do it for her. He doesn’t like feet and doesn’t want to do it, so she persuades him in her own special way.


Time for some re-training!


She grabs him and puts him in a tight front headscissor until he is out then rubs her feet all over his sleeping face. When he comes round he begins to massage her feet, but the silly boy keeps complaining. So it’s time for a standing headscissor! Her skirt rides up as she does this, revealing her red lacy underwear to the camera.


Again Scorpion rubs her pantyhose-clad feet all over his sleeping face. This time when he comes round his foot massage skills seem to have improved a little. The training is working!


But the idiot starts complaining that his hands are getting tired so Scorpion puts him in a tight reverse headscissors until it is nap time for him. Now for the final part of his training….her slowly glides her feett into his mouth then makes him kiss and lick her soles, his subconscious foot pervert reprogramming is going very well.


Now when he comes round he happily massages, kisses, licks and sucks her feet and toes.


Another convert to Scorpion’s feet!


Scorpion wears black and silver high heels, 15 denier black pantyhose/tights, black leather skirt and white blouse.

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