SOS0003 - Domination Wrestle - Scorpion ruins Peter

*Sadly Scorpion broke him and we had to cut the filming early - you hear his final cry of agony*


Scorpion welcomes new boy Peter in her own special way. He is pretty useless so she enjoys taunting him. Trapping him in her legs and watching him struggle.


‘Are you trying’ - ha! He is truly stuck, and just when he thinks he has a chance she changes position and catches him in a tight front headscissor. Then giving him no time to rest puts him straight into a figure four. Holding him there again to watch him struggle.


He is very red in the face and struggling to cope already!


Scorpion continues to laugh at him as she moves seamlessly from head-crushing hold to rib-crushing hold to face-crushing pin.


Now she takes his back and hand smothers him while putting him in a sleeper hold. Sadly Scorpion was too rough with him and we had to cut filming soon after that, you get to hear his final cry of agony.


Features: Hand smothering, facesitting, headscissors, figure four, sleeper hold


Scorpion wears black shiny long-sleeved leotard with black sheer pantyhose/tights

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