SOS0004 - Tie + Torture with Scorpion

Scorpion takes on a larger opponent in a competitive bondage wrestling match.


He thinks that he’s in with a chance. Let’s find out shall we…


Scorpion gets a good schoolgirl pin on him, moving to facesitting him to further his humiliation.


Once she has his hands tied she sits on his face again and gives him the bad news….there will be no tapping today. She is going to torture him, then tie him up some more, then torture him again.


Scorpion’s methods of torture: Figure four, reverse headscissors, reverse figure four, standing headscissors and some evil tickling


There is a brief moment of hope for him as he frees his hands. Oh dear! He gets punished for that!

Punishment comes in the form of a horribly tight hogtie, feet in his face, foot choke, front headscissors, reverse facesit and tickle torture throughout.


Scorpion wears leopard print bikini

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