SOS0007 - Secretary teaches boss a scissor lesson

A young secretary (Scorpion) has a problem with a sleazy boss in her office.


After he has called her ‘babe’, pestered and ogled her too many times she decides that it’s time to get her own back.


She ‘accidentally’ drops her pen and as he picks it up, grabs his head and forces it between her thighs, catching him in a front headscissor as she sits in her office chair.


With him trapped between her thighs she explains that things are going to change. He is going to serve the ladies of the office by worshipping their shoes and feet, and she is going to show him how.


Softening him up with a figure four, reverse headscissors and facesitting. Then forcing him to kiss the soles of her shoes and suck the heels.


She instructs him on the correct way to remove a lady’s shoe, how to massage her feet and kiss them. He is going to be the office foot slut.


Scorpion wears zebra print blouse, leather skirt, 15 denier black pantyhose/tights and black high heels Her leopard print underwear is visible at times.

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