SOS0009 - Can you breathe? Facesit session with Scorpion

A real session from her tour in Germany, filmed at the famous Femwrestle wrestling studio


Scorpion tortures her victim with some very long facesitting in this clip, you can hear him fighting for breath.


She controls him almost entirely with her legs for the 40 mins. Giving him some killer Reverse facesit, Reverse headscissors, Figure four, Front facesit and Mounted figure four


Scorpion laughs and smiles at her victim throughout his humiliation.


In this clip you can really see Scorpion’s physique development. Great angles of her stomach muscles working, her back, shoulders and arms flexing.


Scorpion wears black latex bikini with black kneepads


*Please note this was filmed from a fixed position tripod*

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