SOS0010 - Takeout Boy gets Abused

The ladies (Lady Andromeda + Madam Cruella) are relaxing at home, but they are hungry and bored, a dangerous combination!


They decide to order a takeaway, this is going to solve both problems. The food will take care of the hunger and the delivery boy the boredom...perfect!


As soon as the delivery boy enters the room Lady Andromeda spots him looking at Madam Cruella’s shoes.


They make him lick Madam Cruella’s shoes, then sniff the insides. He complains that they smell bad. Oh he is in trouble now!


The ladies torture him with headscissors, face slaps, facesitting

One will facesit him while the other tickle tortures him

Then they switch places, one reverse facesitting while the other flicks his balls through his shorts.

Switching places again Lady Andromeda headscissors him while Madam Cruella slaps his balls.


They send him on his way and settle down to enjoy their food.


Lady Andromeda wears black leather leggings with see-through blouse and bikini top

Madam Cruella wears green robe, black see-through knickers with black high heels

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