SOS0012 Amethyst Hammerfist dominates

Amethyst Hammerfist is ready to dominate from the very first second of this match. Wrapping her legs around her victim’s head and getting a tap in the first 20 seconds!!


Amethyst tortures him with her legs, applying endless (and very creative!) figure four and headscissor combinations.


She really gets into her dominant stride as the clip goes on, with meaner submissions and hand smothering to cut his air off.


Her victim is really starting to tire, so she kicks him and tells him to GET UP! Before continuing the onslaught with bodyscissor and guillotine combination. She finished with a single bicep victory over her exhausted opponent.


If you like to see a skinny guy tortured between a girl’s mean thighs then this is the clip for you.


Amethyst is dressed to kill in black one-piece leotard and fishnet pantyhose/tights.

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