SOS0013 Workman gets the foot domination treatment

Super hot British BBW Madam Cruella is relaxing in her bedroom when the workman ‘accidentally’ walks in.


She slaps his face and makes him kiss her feet. Ordering him to lie on the bed before facesit smothering him with her amazing curvy butt.


She drags his head off the bed and wedges it between her big thighs, scissoring him until his head is almost crushed.


To apologise she makes him rub her feet, then forces him to remove her stockings so he can worship her feet. ‘I want the whole foot in your mouth’ she says and he obliges.

The second half of the clip is beautiful foot worship as he rubs her feet, licks and sucks her toes and takes her whole foot in his mouth.


Madam Cruella finishes by facesitting him, then kicking him out of her bedroom.


Madam Cruella wears black satin lingerie, black fishnet stockings and suspenders with sheer lace blouse.

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