SOS0014 Scissor torture with Scorpion - He's late again

One of Scorpion’s office juniors is late for work (again!). She is bored of his excuses and sorry’s so decides to help him work on his timekeeping in another way.


First she gets him to remove her high heels, grabs him and forces him onto the ground, then pulls up her skirt and plants her pantyhose covered bottom on his face. She lectures him on his timekeeping while she facesits, figure fours and scissors him.


Clip finishes with section of Scorpion with her feet up on her desk, nice close-ups of her nylon-covered feet and legs.

Scorpion wears black glasses, white blouse and short black leather skirt, red (visible) lingerie), sheer black pantyhose/tights with black and silver high heels.

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