SOS0015 2 vs 1 Torture - Lady Andromeda & Madam Cruella

British bad girls madam Cruella and Lady Andromeda have a male victim to play with on the mat. They begin with one sat on his face, the other sat on his stomach. They prod and poke him and take it in turns to headscissor him. Lady Andromeda goes first with a side headscissors, Madam Cruella is next with a tight reverse headscissors.


Lady Andromeda decides that it’s time to facesit him with their big bottoms so they take it in turns to cut his air off while the other pins his arms to his body. Lady Andromeda makes him her human cushion and Madam Cruella tickles him.


The ladies are having far too much fun, toying with their victim, they finish by headscissoring and tickling him. Bad girls!!


Madam Cruella wears black shiny spandex leggings with black bra

Lady Andromeda wears black wet-look catsuit

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