SOS0016 Tie + Torture - Scorpion has a Pervert housemate

Scorpion’s pervy housemate has been caught stealing her dirty underwear.


So she ties his arms to the bed, sits on his chest, slaps his dirty little face and tickle tortures him.


He is wriggling too much so she ties his feet as well. Now he is totally at her mercy. She sits on his throat and roughly tickles his armpits, then moves down to his feet.


Now he is being too noisy so Scorpion sits on his throat again and shoves the dirty underwear into his mouth. Finally she sits on his face, suffocating him with the underwear and her butt, torturing him with armpit tickles.


She allows him to speak in order to apologise but he is still annoying her. Their other housemates will be home soon so to teach him a lesson she shoves the underwear back into his mouth, duct tape over the top and writes PERVERT on the tape. The other housemates will find him like that when they get home.

Scorpion wears black spandex backless vest and black shiny spandex leggings

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