SOS0017 Fight for our amusement boys

Scorpion welcomes Inferno to the Sisterhood of Sin. They have brought a boy each and they are going to make them fight for their amusement. The boys have to fight for one minute rounds, then there is a treat for the winner, punishment for the losers.


As the boys fight Inferno & Scorpion slap their boys to encourage them.


After the first round the loser gets a long, tight reverse headscissor while the winner gets to kiss his Mistress’s foot. But Scorpion feels like he could’ve fought harder, so he gets a good hard slap to the face to motivate him further.


Round Two - Inferno’s boy is the winner so she allows him to kiss her perfect feet while she flexes those amazing calves. Scorpion delivers a killer headscissor and figure four combo that leave her useless boy gasping for breath.


Round Three - The boys fight for what little is left of their dignity. Scorpion’s boy comes out on top and is rewarded with some foot worship. Inferno happens to know that her boy HATES to lick between her sweaty toes so forces him to clean her feet with his tongue.


The Sisterhood finish by schoolgirl pinning their boys on the mat. We can’t wait to see Inferno in action again.


Inferno wears black spandex long-sleeved leotard

Scorpion wears black shiny long-sleeved leotard with sheer black pantyhose/tights

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