SOS0018 Office Facesitting Challenge with Scorpion

Scorpion is dressed in killer office wear and she is punishing her co-worker with a facesit challenge. Let’s see how long he can survive underneath her. Are you ready? Are you sure?


Scorpion makes him suffer in long, constricting front, reverse and full weight facesitting underneath her nylon-covered butt. Grabbing his head and forcing it further between her legs.


You can tell that Scorpion really enjoys the control of breathplay, pushing her co-worker to his limits. You can see her smiling, sadistically taking pleasure from his suffering.


Scorpion wears 10 denier oil-look nude pantyhose with emerald green strappy lingerie (visible throughout), leopard print skirt and sheer blouse.


Includes pre and post filming interviews with Scorpion and her ‘co-worker’ - giving consent for breathplay and facesitting.

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