SOS0020 Lucrecia - BBW Scissor Domination

We welcome an incredible BBW, Czech dominatrix Madam Lucrecia, to the Sisterhood of Sin. She is here to show us what she does best, epic scissorholds with those incredible big thighs.


Her incredible stats...182 cm/ 6 ft…..102 kg/ 224 lb...a whole lot of woman


Madam Lucrecia has a particularly scrawny victim to torture, she dwarfs him in height and physique with her incredible curves. She squashes his head between her huge thighs with endless scissors, reverse headscissors, front headscissors, reverse figure four, bodyscissors, standing headscissors.


Her victim tries to escape, hiding on the corner of the mats. She grabs him and puts him back where he belongs...pulling his hair while she squeezes him.


Madam Lucrecia leaves her victim grovelling and broken.


Madam Lucrecia wears black satin body with 15 denier nude oil-look pantyhose/tights (bare feet)

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