SOS0023 Office Scissor POV with Scorpion

Scorpion is hard at work in the office at the end of a long day. You have snuck in to spy on her.


You watch her while she finishes her work, then removes her heels to rub her tired feet. You watch her nylon-covered feet arch and leg muscles flex as she stretches, hearing her toes crack after being confined in heels all day.


Then she spots you...what the hell are you doing? How long have you been down there for? She drags you on to the ground and sits on your chest. Then turns around to reverse headscissor you and crush you between her thighs.


She puts your lights out with a reverse headscissor. Leaving you out cold on her office floor for the security crew to find.


Scorpion wears 10 denier oil-look nude pantyhose, black high heels, with emerald green strappy lingerie (visible throughout), leopard print skirt and sheer blouse.

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