SOS0027 Spandex Facesit & scissor - Fight after the gym

Scorpion comes home from the gym with her boyfriend. He seems to think that she wasn’t lifting enough weight at the gym and is getting weak. Ooh really? Maybe Scorpion needs to show him how ‘weak’ she is.


She completely takes advantage of him, humiliating him in facesits, figure fours and scissors from every single angle - standing, on the bed, on the floor - front, reverse, full-weight facesitting and some really mean scissors! Forcing his head into her crotch so he can’t breathe. Smothering him with a reverse figure four.


He makes the mistake of trying to tickle her to escape. There will be retaliation for the form of a horribly tight reverse headscissor


Scorpion wears snakeskin spandex leggings / yogapants and leopard print sports bra

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