SOS0028 Creepy boss gets scissored

Davina (Scorpion) has been out for drinks after work with Graham, her creepy boss. He is actually very inappropriately, stroking her thighs and being very forward. After he suggests staying for breakfast davina decides that enough is enough and it’s time for her creepy boss to get some sense squeezed into him!


Once she starts squeezing him he starts begging for mercy like the little weakling she knew he’d be. Maybe she will call his wife and let her know what he’s been up to?


She tortures him with front and reverse headscissors and figure four until she finally puts him out with a headscissor.


Includes lots of shots of pantyhose feet and legs

Scorpion wears white satin blouse, black leather skirt and 15 denier sheer pantyhose / tights.

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