SOS0030 Beg for Scorpion's feet

Scorpion sits in her chair with her slave at her feet. She has tied her slave’s hands behind his back and she is going to explicitly order him how to worship her feet. Can he manage to follow her orders?


She instructs him how to kiss her soles, lick between her toes, run his tongue over her soles. He keeps his mouth wide open as Scorpion inserts her foot, but he is not allowed to close it and touch her feet until she says so.


But he disobeys her one too many times, so she unties his hands and orders him to lie on the floor. She stands on his skinny body with her full weight, trampling him hard, you can see his body straining underneath her. This is the only way that he will learn.


Scorpion wears shiny black spandex catsuit/unitard/bodysuit, bare feet with black pedicure

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