SOS0031 Bedroom Facesit + KO in pantyhose

It’s late at night and Scorpion is in bed with her boyfriend. He has promised her a night of hot action, but once she has finished reading her book she realises that he has fallen asleep...what?!!


So if he doesn’t want to play fun games, she will play some nasty games with him.


This is a sensual, seductive clip as both parties are enjoying the torture.


He thinks her new pantyhose feel lovely and smooth, let’s see if he thinks that when they are crushing his face. (Note: You can tell that he is loving the feel of the tights….hmmmmm I think he is enjoying having his breathing restricted too….what a naughty little pervert ;o) - Scorpion)


Scorpion traps her sleepy partner between her legs, smothering and crushing him with facesits, figure fours and headscissors. Forcing her pantyhose-covered toes into his mouth.


As he is enjoying it far too much Scorpion decides to put his lights out with a crushing front headscissor.


Scorpion wears lace bra top with lace thong / g-string and 15 denier sheer black pantyhose / tights.

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