SOS0032 Dungeon - Facesitting in latex -

Bodybag encasement

The Sisterhood has entered their dungeon. Scorpion’s victim is lying on the ground, hooded in latex and encased in a heavy rubber body bag. He is really in a terrible position. She closes and tightens the remaining straps, warning her victim that this will be ‘uncomfortable’.


She forces her pantyhose-covered foot into his mouth, gagging him with it. Then putting her full weight on him, both feet on his chest.


Then she glides to sit on his throat, doing a wide splits on him, full weight bearing down on him.

And now the fun can begin….she forces him face into her latex and pantyhose covered crotch. Now giving him an inch to breath and he really can’t go anywhere, fully encased in the body bag.

Then she reverses her position, his nose deep between her cheeks, watching him struggle as she figure fours her legs and using them to pull his face into her butt.

Now it’s up on her toes, even more weight on his face!!

She finished with full weight on his face as he struggles in his bodybag.


Scorpion wears black Woolford pantyhose/tights, latex thong with barefeet and corset. SHowing off her muscular shoulders and legs

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