SOS0033 mistress samantha's Debut for the Sisterhood -

Scissor Power + Facesit KO

We welcome sensual seductress Mistress Samantha to the Sisterhood. An established British dominatrix, wrestler and powerlifter, she can crush a watermelon between those killer thighs. She perfect combination of strength and curves.


We let her loose on a victim and told her to enjoy herself! And she certainly did!!


Wrapping those strong legs around her victim’s neck with figure fours and headscissors. Trapping him there...then she discovers that he is ticklish...oh dear!! With his head trapped between her legs she tickle tortures him.

And then, even worse, switches to a reverse facesit. He can’t breathe and she keeps tickling him!

The clip was meant to be 10 minutes long but we couldn’t get Mistress Samantha to stop! She keep torturing him with facesitting and scissors before finally KO-ing him with a facesit..bad girl!!

Mistress Samantha wears turquoise satin lingerie with 15 denier sleek pantyhose/tights

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