SOS0035 Audition - His first time -

Facesitting & Scissors with KO

It’s interview time at the Sisterhood. A new recruit is here to audition to be one of her victims. Scorpion reassures him that she will be gentle and let him out when he taps….hmmmm….is trusting her a good idea?


Scorpion starts off a little rough and he is in trouble straightaway. He moans and writhes but can’t escape from Scorpion’s legs as she shows him the full repertoire of Sisterhood moves! (front headscissors, front and reverse figure four, full weight reverse facesit, reverse headscissors, front facesit)


Once she’s had enough of him she squeezes him between her spandex-covered legs until he goes lights out.


Scorpion wears black shiny spandex leotard with black shiny leggings and bare feet, black manicure and pedicure

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