SOS0037 Scorpion Bare Leg and Duct Tape Facesit

Continuing from SOS0036 we move onto the bare leg, then bare leg and duct tape part of the challenge. Let’s see how much he can take with front and reverse facesits once Scorpion loses her pantyhose. She gets him to help with the removal then it’s time for action!


He keeps trying to sneak his face to the side so Scorpion grabs his head and jams it into position between her legs.

Ooh someone is struggling now...she even uses her feet to pin his head into position...going up on her toes to put even more weight on to his face.

He pushes her off...what the hell are you doing…’are you allergic to pussy?”

Now she switches to a reverse facesit, burying his face between the cheeks of her big, muscular and curvy butt.


Now she delicately props her feet up on the bedframe and smothers him with her ass, full weight crushing his face.


The final challenge, full weight facesit with duct tape, there will be no way for him to get any air in….

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