SOS0039 SexSwing Scissor Power

Ooh we have some fresh meat in the dungeon...lovely!! This young man has never been scissored before.

So let’s see what he can take shall we?

Scorpion begins sat in her chair with a headscissors, he is struggling but she can see his ‘excitement’ showing. Next a figure four, shifting her position to cut off both his air and blood flow. Ooh he likes that even more...hmmmm….Scorpion has an idea. She switches back to a headscissor but hand smothers him at the same time. Oh he really likes that...what a filthy little deviant.


Now it’s time to hit the sexswing, Scorpion drags him over by his hair, hops into the swing and jams his head between her legs. Front headscissor while she swings, the veins on his head are really popping and his face is scarlet.

Once he begs to be let out she kicks him on to the ground….’I think you enjoyed that a little too much, you little fucking pervert’

Scorpion wears bondage body harness with bare feet, black manicure and pedicure

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