SOS0040 Suck Scorpion's Dick - His first time

It’s time for Scorpion’s sub to learn a new’s time for him to learn to suck her dick


Scorpion instructs him on exactly how she likes her dick sucked

He starts well, enthusiastic and with suspiciously good technique. Hmm but..teeth...what the fuck?! Scorpion feels his teeth scrape her dick and she gives him a sharp slap to the face.


She drives her dick into his mouth, then pulls his head onto it. Holding his head on her dick while he struggles for breath and she drives her hips forward.


Scorpion leans back and relaxes…


Spit on that hand and jerk it for me...make Mistress cum.

Get back on my fucking cock and make me cum….I’m going to cum in your mouth like a dirty fucking slut...fucking swallow fucking clean it with that little slut mouth of yours


Good get out of my fucking sight

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