SOS0045 Wolford Facesit in the Dungeon

Scorpion is in the dungeon and in the mood to tease.

She knows that her sub has been misbehaving and she is going to punish him.


She shackles her victim’s feet to the corner posts of the dungeon bedframe and his hands through the stocks. Digging her heels into his stomach while she does so.


She sits on his face and pulls his head into her crotch, leaving him no space to breathe. Cruelly watching him struggle.

But her naughty sub is a little deviant and is getting off on it, so she tortures him further, completely cutting off his air then sitting on him with full weight and giving him a backheel to the balls. You can hear his distress, she makes him thank her while she grabs his throat with her hand.

‘You shouldn’t be such a fucking pervert, getting turned on by me sitting on your face, it serves you right’


She gives him a backhander to the face and continues his training with a final front facesit.


Scorpion wears black Wolford Neon 40 denier pantyhose/tights, with black ankle boots, latex thong and black corset.

Her victim wears black latex shorts

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