SOS0046 Housemate is forced into foot submission

Hot BBW Madam Cruella is relaxing at home after a long day on her feet at work. She wants a foot massage but her housemate is not willing. But she slowly tricks him into it. Before he knows it he is rubbing her hot sweaty feet.


Then she tricks him into licking her soles, threatening to call his ex-girlfriend and reveal his secrets if he doesn’t. He really doesn’t like the taste but she forces him to cover every little inch of her toes, heels and soles.


As his final humiliation she makes him lick her dirty work shoes clean...what if their other housemates find out….

Madam Cruella wears satin leopard print shorts and vest, green satin dressing gown with shiny patent black high heels (removed after 1 minute) and glasses.

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