SOS0047 Creepy Boss is at it again - He gets scissor punishment

Davina (Scorpion) has started work at a new company, she is working for a total creep called Larry. He looks at her legs and chest, and comes on to her at every available opportunity. When he starts putting his hand on her leg and asks her out again she turns him down...with a tight headlock and wrestles him to the ground.


Larry said that he liked her legs, let’s see how much he likes it when they crush his neck. She carefully explains that she is going to crush the arteries in his neck with her legs and calves. Larry turns some very funny colours and starts to beg. No mercy from Davina!


Larry got to play his silly sexist games, now Davina will play her favourite games….She likes to crushing and destroying men with her strong legs.


Moves used: Front headscissor, Front figure four, Reverse headscissor, Reverse figure four, Side headscissor


Davina wears green leather skirt with sheer cream blouse, 15 denier Platino nude pantyhose/tights with blue high heels.

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