SOS0048 Housemate's Facesit Humiliation

Hot BBW Madam Cruella humiliated her housemate by forcing him to worship her sweaty feet (SOS0046 Housemate is forced into foot submission) and he is not happy about it. He comes into her bedroom to talk about it, saying he doesn’t want it to happen again.


Madam Cruella, the evil woman, sees an opportunity for further humiliation. She likes her men under her, either under her foot or under her amazing curvy bottom. So she pretends that she wants to make up, hugs her housemate then throws him onto the bed. Jumps on him and sits on his face in a long cruel front facesit.


She switches to a reverse facesit then mercilessly tickles him until he can’t breathe. She hears his muffled complaining underneath her and so puts more and more weight onto him. Ignoring his protesting while she reads a magazine.


When she is finally done with him she makes him thank her, then go and make her a cup of tea. She is one bad woman!


Madam Cruella wears satin leopard print shorts and vest, bare feet and glasses.

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