SOS0049 Creepy Boss won't learn - Scorpion makes him

Creepy boss Larry is at it again. Davina (Scorpion) catches him using her laptop to browse some niche sites at work, Legs Emporium. She is not happy!! He obviously didn’t listen to a word she said earlier (SOS0047 Creepy Boss is at it again - He gets scissor punishment) so she needs to choose a new punishment method. She grabs him in a sleeperhold and throws him down, before pinning him to the ground with her pantyhose-covered bottom.


She states her new office rules  to him, whilst he is smothered underneath her. She silences his protests with a tight reverse facesit followed by a full weight front facesit. Finally, just to be sure that he listens this time, she uses her butt in a reverse facesit to force him into an afternoon sleep. Then she emails all of the other girls in the office to come and have a look at her handiwork.

Davina wears green leather skirt with sheer cream blouse, 15 denier Platino nude pantyhose/tights with blue high heels.

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