SOS0056 Uncle outstays his welcome

Scorpion has just got home from working all day, her feet are sore from wearing her high heels all day.  There is one slight problem, her Uncle Steve has just got divorced and is once again asleep on the sofa while she has been at work all day.


Ringing a friend she massages and rubs her feet.  Her friend suggests that Scorpion does something a bit naughty and puts her feet all over Uncle Steve’s face.  Kicking off her heels Scorpion continues to rub her hot feet while agreeing to send her friend photos of her foot humiliation of Uncle Steve.


Placing her feet over his mouth Scorpion takes photos to put online, her painted toenails softly cover his mouth.  Still speaking to her friend she places her whole sole over his mouth, this is what he gets for sleeping on her sofa all the time!


Gently parting his lips she places her big toe into his mouth, removing her feet everytime he stirs she continues to laugh with her friend, as she continually places her feet over his face, using one to pry open his mouth so she can stick her toes in.


Uncle Steve wakes up and isn’t too happy about having Scorpion’s feet rubbed all over his face, she decides to make it perfectly clear that it’s time he found somewhere else.


She places her foot on his neck and Uncle Steve admits that he actually quite likes it, so she decides to teach him a lesson and starts to cut off his airway with her foot.  Alternating between smothering him with her feet and placing her foot on his throat, Uncle Steve decides it’s time for him to pack his bags and find somewhere else to live.


Scorpion wears a blue blouse, with short white leather skirt, black panties and blue high heels with red toe nail polish (heels come off shortly into the clip)


Please note this is full clip, for the first part only see SGR0055.  For the POV version please see SOS0057.

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