SOS0058 Bitch Boss - Scorpion in leather

A disgruntled employee had had enough of Scorpion treating him badly so he decides to try and sort it out with her, bad news she doesn’t care!


After a comment about how she is the worst boss he’s ever worked for she decides to show him it can get worse a lot, lot worse.  Grabbing him in a headlock  she throws him down to the floor before wrapping his head in her pantyhose clad legs in a reverse headscissors, her leather skirt riding up she plants her derriere on his face in a reverse headsit, agreeing that her methods can be a little unorthodox.


She traps his neck in between her leather boots squeezing the dissension from him, crushing him between her legs in a side head scissors, followed by a front headscissors belittling him physically whilst berating him and his lacklustre work effort.  


In the end a final side headscissors allows him an unscheduled rest break and nap, as she sits astride his chest, reminding him that she is the boss!.


Scorpion wears a blue blouse, black leather skirt, black leather boots, black panties and black pantyhose.

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