SOS0060 Don't argue with Scorpion

Scorpion is relaxing on the sofa, when Uncle Steve pops in after his “session” down the gym.  Scorpion suggest that perhaps he should lift some more weights, as it doesn’t seem to be improving his physique any.  It transpires that Uncle Steve only visits the gym for social purposes or should that be perving!


They get into a discussion about the roles of the sexes, with Uncle Steve having some outdated views.  Bad news Uncle Steve, Scorpion has had just about enough of your rubbish.  She grabs him by the neck, forcing him down and sitting on his face.  Uncle Steve will learn you don’t argue with Scorpion.


He gasps for air, as her butt is full force on his face.  She lets him up and then squeezes his head like a pinata, but he makes too much noise, so she goes back to a reverse facesit and then a reverse headscissors until Uncle Steve admits that she was right all along.


Scorpion wears a purple satin blouse, with black skin-tight shiny leggings with red painted toenails and bare feet.

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