SOS0063 Office Scissorhold Test

Scorpion’s business appears to have a wealth of inept employees, and she has decided that another one of her worthless males needs punishment.  It’s definitely time for him to suffer as she tests out her scissorholds.


She starts out with her legs already wrapped tightly around his neck in a reverse headscissors, she grips the heel of her black stilettos to increase the torque and deal maximum punishment and pain.


She takes delight as he feebly claws at her pantyhose clad thighs and ass, as he gurgles and calls out for help.  It doesn’t help him as she continues to squeeze, rolling over into a side headscissors.


The punishment continues until he stops struggling, will these employees ever learn?


Scorpion wears a white blouse, with red bra, skirt, and tan coloured pantyhose with black stilettos.

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