SOS0066 Close-up foot worship

Scorpion is sat on the bed having her feet worshipped in this close-up clip.


It begins with Scorpion wiggling and flexing her painted toes, before the slave approaches and is commanded to get on his knees before her beautiful feet, and then take and rub the foot.

He begins to softly massage and rub the foot, before being told to increase the pressure.  She continually instructs him on how much pressure to give, paying particular attention to the arch.


Scorpion then instructs him to take the heel in the palm of his hand and kiss the foot.  He kiss-worships from the heel to the arch, and then every single toe.  The next instruction is to lick the foot from the heel to the toes, every single millimeter.


Finally he kisses and sucks the toes, worshipping her beautiful feet.


Scorpion is barefoot with blue painted toenails

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