SOS0067 Sneak get punished

Scorpion is asleep on the sofa after a long day in the office, she has kicked off her high heels and is just taking a little nap.  Uncle Steve pops by and sneaks in and decides to take advantage of her while she is asleep.


He starts by kissing her painted toes and soles, taking each foot in turn.  But he gets carried away and starts sucking them causing Scorpion to stir.  He stops afraid of getting caught out, and once she settles again, he begins to kiss her feet once more.


He gets more and more carried away, and worships her feet more passionately, until she wakes up.  At first she is slightly bewildered by what is going on.  Uncle Steve lets her know that he’s finally packed his things and will be going now… but then the penny drops and Scorpion isn’t happy.


If Uncle Steve wants to worship her feet then he most certainly can, she places one foot across his throat to control him, and then forcibly places the other fully into his mouth.  Scorpion will teach Uncle Steve not to be such a sneak, and he is going to have to take his punishment.


Scorpion wears a blue blouse, white skirt, black panties with scarlet red painted toe nails

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